Album: Take No Prisoners (2011)

Song: Soldier of Love

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Sometime in the late 1990's, an airliner carrying the rock superstar, Zac Master and his band to a concert in London, England mysteriously disappears over the Atlantic Ocean. All were presumed lost forever until Zac Master and the band rocket back upon the music scene more than fifteen years later. Over the internet, the mystery intensifies as the band becomes more popular and hotter than ever.Amazingly, the disappearance and whereabouts of Zac Master can't be explained. All that matters to the fans is that Zac is back! But something has changed.
On a small ranch outside of Fort Tucker, Texas tragedy unleashes a chain of events that rocks fourteen-year-old Michael Singleton and his family's world, and brings music superstar Zac Master crashing in for the rescue. In a series of amazing events, they discover that their new friend is more than a music superstar. A lot more! He is a real life super hero. The exciting adventures Michael and his family experience touring the world with a music superstar and super hero in the new book, "The Light" are beyond the boundaries of all time, space and imagination.
Read this amazing action/adventure story in The Adventures of Zac Master -"The Light."